Which Embrace back support is right for me?

Back pain is highly individual and that’s the beauty of the EmbraceAIR product range. It is  individual and customizable to your personal needs. EmbraceAIR backrests, In-line Seating Solitude pillows and Motion Medicine separately or in combination can relieve your back pain and contribute to an improved lifestyle. Assess your back support needs and match those with most appropriate product.
And remember, EmbraceAIR backrests can be adjusted for your body through the Kinetic Internal Sliding Support System and/or the patented air system.

  • Our EmbraceAIRPlus is the best back support for your total comfort and support. This fits most individuals that wouldn’t otherwise buy our alternate products…
  • The EmbraceAIR King is generally for people 6-feet or taller, or for those wanting a wider frame across their midsection.
  • The LumbAIRPlus is a great travel companion that easily fits in your hand, your purse, or your carry-on luggage. It can also be used as an adjustable neck support if desired!
  • The Embrace PLUS is a less-expensive full back support product without the AIR components. While it does not offer the ultimate in support and pain relief, it still has a very high quality (15+ years of use) foam pad, as well as our other top-quality features.


I am 6' 2"  (or I used to be) and here's what works for me.  In my Ford F150 I use the EmbraceAIR KIng.  In my van that I use daily I ride with the EmbraceAIRPlus  and for my wife's car I ride with the LumbAIRPlus because she has bucket seats. I also travel with this portable product.    The EmbraceAIrPlus will work in most instances and is our number one product. If you have specific questions please call us and we can discuss  your needs 1 to 1.  Let us help you.